Content Automation
to drive your bottom line

Automated Category Page Content can drive search engine rankings for your online shop by being highly optimised on SEO, Content Experience and internal link-building.

Good product descriptions, that highlight benefits and are unique, increase conversions and shopping basket size.

Companies that solve their multi-language content problem with automation save cost in their writing and translation budgets – and because API-based automation reduces errors, quality is increased

Regulated spaces like Health and Pharma increase their content control by making sure that all legal requirements are followed every time a piece of content is being updated.

Conveying elementary information in Product Descriptions adapted to various Platform/Channel needs  reduces return rate for your packages.

Especially in sectors like Fashion, correct and broad information reduces call rate for product information requests and complaints. 

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4 Content Marketing Goals That Really Matter to the Business

Today this article by Content Marketing Institute on the topic of Content Marketing crossed our path: Here’s the truth. Brand awareness ­– everybody’s favorite­ content marketing goal – isn’t going to cut it.
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